Saturday, January 23, 2010

Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel, not just fashion photographer but also an fashion god. I truely think that he is the number one photographer on the whole wide planet earth (number one in getting campagne's and amazing editiorial jobs for Vogue magazine and more), but to be honest not my number one in making pictures that i like the most.

But he is for sure in my top 10! - hmmm thinking of wich, i should make my top10 list of great photographers, i am curiouse if photography god Steven Meisel will ever reads this and will think... oh my god, an photographer without big campagne's is a favorite of an fashion-blog writer... but yeah who am i actually... just a writer right...? Anyhow i believe that the written word is very strong, and if ever this blog becomes so populair and internationally known people will fallow my top10 and maybe even the unknown photographers wich i think are great will be standing in a spotlight and get the campagne their work deserves.

Oyeah, enough about top10's i am totally forgetting that i was talking about Steven Meisel.. yeah great guy, he knows how to make the most beautiful and luxuryous pictures, but he also has a way to make the crazy fashion ones that i love the most, besides this all Steven Meisel has sometimes a way of getting international banns on ads. campagnes that have been shot by him..... more reasons to love his work!

Meet the boyfriends

It's funny to see long-legged models with shorter boyfriends.. See the whole thing on Meet The Boyfriends wich was published in the American Vogue.

I love Dutch models!

There are alot of people crazy about Russian models or Brazillian models, i am sure these country's have so many and beautiful models, but also to keep the facts straight, these country's are super-huge!
Ofcourse there are more super-models from these country's walking around on the big shows in Milano, New York and Paris but there is also more then a handfull great top models from the little small country Holland, wich i happen to love for their beautiful girls, instead loving them for their city Amsterdam wich is very populair for many tourists.

Here a few hot- most of them new - Dutch models wich i happen to love for their looks, long killer leggs and their dutch mentality.

* Mirte Maas, Lisanne de Jong, Paricia van der Vliet all 3 dutchy's booked the same Balenciaga s/s2010 campagne.
* Ymre Stiekema who worked allready tons of times with Prada
* Anna de Rijk who can be seen in the new Vera Wang bridal campagne of s/s2010
* Rianne ten Haken for J'aime La Nuite Fragnance for La Perla

* Nimue Smit who is actually my favorite of them all right now and super new + she's top10's newcomer on and allready on place 25 in the top50, this little girl young girl did campagnes for Prada, Burberry, Chloe and can be seen in the new Giorgio Armani s/s2010

Natasha Poly

She's so beautiful, in the top10 of and for me the most beautiful of them all, she should be on number1 if it was up to me.

Why i suddenly was thinking about this beautiful top-super model? I was walking allready for a couple of days past the Gucci shop around the corner, i couldn't stop staring at the pictures, they are truely so beautiful, it isen't really the crazy and shocking fashion that i am in love with, but it was so luxuryous and so stylish that i just had to know who the model was...

The photographs are taken by the great Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott


Don't you just sometimes wonder how the fashion campagnes for big clothing brands used to be all only about beautiful woman and men in beautiful clothing representing the clothing and accocoires from that brand, and in the last few years it went all crazy? I must say i love it tough, i love all these new campagnes in Vogue magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Elle, it's so full of sexuality now, just like D&G, 5 male models 1 girl and their all in the mood for some love together? Amazing i have to tell you, i get all happy inside if i see all these almost shocking but great photograph's. Who ever sayd fashion has to be tastefull in just a way of luxury is completely wrong, Fashion has to be shocking sometimes, and afterall sex sales..

Here i want to showcase Sisley- great image of two models snoring up an white dress, all fucked up - but it's such a great idea.. The two guys sucking on their lollypops is so suggestive, but it's not sayd out loud, it makes you look at it and wonder, but at the same time your like "oh my god, this is brilliant".
The girl smacking the guy with an shoe on his ass, can it be anymore crazy but yet amazing? i love it all so much, great job Sisley, great job... by the way, i am sure it must have been very weird but yet funny for the male model to lay down half naked on a girls nap like this, can you imagine the girl who has obviously an penis on her lap and an hairy ass under her face?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is an international celebrity as well as one of the most prolific and compelling photographers of his generation. Known for his uncanny ability to cut to the raw essence of whomever appears before his lens, Mr. Richardson's vision is at once humorous, tragic, often beautiful, and always provocative.
(from his website:

What do i think of Terry?: crazy-ass guy, love all of his work! Sometimes i am wondering if his brain is working the opposite way of all man kind.
The one thing i love the most of his work is what he did for the Pirelli calendar 2010.