Saturday, January 23, 2010

I love Dutch models!

There are alot of people crazy about Russian models or Brazillian models, i am sure these country's have so many and beautiful models, but also to keep the facts straight, these country's are super-huge!
Ofcourse there are more super-models from these country's walking around on the big shows in Milano, New York and Paris but there is also more then a handfull great top models from the little small country Holland, wich i happen to love for their beautiful girls, instead loving them for their city Amsterdam wich is very populair for many tourists.

Here a few hot- most of them new - Dutch models wich i happen to love for their looks, long killer leggs and their dutch mentality.

* Mirte Maas, Lisanne de Jong, Paricia van der Vliet all 3 dutchy's booked the same Balenciaga s/s2010 campagne.
* Ymre Stiekema who worked allready tons of times with Prada
* Anna de Rijk who can be seen in the new Vera Wang bridal campagne of s/s2010
* Rianne ten Haken for J'aime La Nuite Fragnance for La Perla

* Nimue Smit who is actually my favorite of them all right now and super new + she's top10's newcomer on and allready on place 25 in the top50, this little girl young girl did campagnes for Prada, Burberry, Chloe and can be seen in the new Giorgio Armani s/s2010

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