Saturday, January 23, 2010

Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel, not just fashion photographer but also an fashion god. I truely think that he is the number one photographer on the whole wide planet earth (number one in getting campagne's and amazing editiorial jobs for Vogue magazine and more), but to be honest not my number one in making pictures that i like the most.

But he is for sure in my top 10! - hmmm thinking of wich, i should make my top10 list of great photographers, i am curiouse if photography god Steven Meisel will ever reads this and will think... oh my god, an photographer without big campagne's is a favorite of an fashion-blog writer... but yeah who am i actually... just a writer right...? Anyhow i believe that the written word is very strong, and if ever this blog becomes so populair and internationally known people will fallow my top10 and maybe even the unknown photographers wich i think are great will be standing in a spotlight and get the campagne their work deserves.

Oyeah, enough about top10's i am totally forgetting that i was talking about Steven Meisel.. yeah great guy, he knows how to make the most beautiful and luxuryous pictures, but he also has a way to make the crazy fashion ones that i love the most, besides this all Steven Meisel has sometimes a way of getting international banns on ads. campagnes that have been shot by him..... more reasons to love his work!

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