Saturday, January 23, 2010


Don't you just sometimes wonder how the fashion campagnes for big clothing brands used to be all only about beautiful woman and men in beautiful clothing representing the clothing and accocoires from that brand, and in the last few years it went all crazy? I must say i love it tough, i love all these new campagnes in Vogue magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Elle, it's so full of sexuality now, just like D&G, 5 male models 1 girl and their all in the mood for some love together? Amazing i have to tell you, i get all happy inside if i see all these almost shocking but great photograph's. Who ever sayd fashion has to be tastefull in just a way of luxury is completely wrong, Fashion has to be shocking sometimes, and afterall sex sales..

Here i want to showcase Sisley- great image of two models snoring up an white dress, all fucked up - but it's such a great idea.. The two guys sucking on their lollypops is so suggestive, but it's not sayd out loud, it makes you look at it and wonder, but at the same time your like "oh my god, this is brilliant".
The girl smacking the guy with an shoe on his ass, can it be anymore crazy but yet amazing? i love it all so much, great job Sisley, great job... by the way, i am sure it must have been very weird but yet funny for the male model to lay down half naked on a girls nap like this, can you imagine the girl who has obviously an penis on her lap and an hairy ass under her face?

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